The Show

From Chapman Entertainment, award-winning creators of much loved children’s TV shows, Fifi and the Flowertots, Roary the Racing Car, and Little Charley Bear, comes a brand new stop-frame animation pre-school show with a loveable cast of characters led by Raa Raa, a very little lion who enjoys having lots of noisy fun adventures!

Join Raa Raa and his friends as they go on a journey through the Jingly Jangly Jungle learning and developing their communication skills through the use of Raa Raa’s 4Rs:

Repition, Rhythm, Rhyme, Retelling

Developed with speech and language therapists, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion engages with pre-school aged children who, just like Raa Raa, are beginning to master their language and communication skills.

“Caroline Hall and Ruth Crowe are HPC Registered Speech and Language Therapists, between them they have 35 years of experience in their field. Their current areas of professional practice include working with children with significant special educational needs and promoting the importance of young children’s communication development in the general population. They have acted as Early Language Consultants on Raa Raa with their input mainly at script level. They worked closely with the writing team to incorporate specific features of storytelling, characterisation and dialogue that best support children’s language learning.

J is for Jingly Jangly Jungle

Every episode opens as we zoom into the Jingly Jangly Jungle as Lorraine Kelly, narrator, talks about what’s happening there that day. All the stories are strong, simple and linear with lots of wordplay. The stories are easy to follow and easy to retell. Rhythm, rhyme, and repetition play an important role in all episodes linking vocabulary to real life experiences and actions.

The stories always feature explicit pro social messages: co-operation, joint problem-solving and appropriate behaviour, but above all, there's lots of jingly jangly jungle fun!